Reindeer Feeding and Sámi Culture

Join our authentic Sámi family for an unforgettable daytime tour in Tromsø, where you will feed and get up-close with a cute herd of reindeer and experience our ancient culture!
A person dressed warmly in a knit hat and dark coat feeds a white reindeer with large antlers in a snowy landscape, with mountains in the background.

We would like to invite you to visit our Sámi camp and join us for a family-friendly reindeer-interaction tour surrounded by stunning scenery and the famous Lyngen Alp mountains.

You will participate in the daily feeding-session of the cutest herd of reindeer at our camp, and here you will have plenty of time to get up-close and personal with our charming creatures.

You will also be welcomed into our lavvo-hut (Sámi tent) to warm up and there you will be served a range of hot beverages to drink (coffee, tea, chocolate) and a hot meal for lunch.

Our expert guide will tell you about our life with reindeer and show you some treasures from our culture. If you are lucky they might even share some secrets of how to survive life in an extreme Arctic nature

The company Tromsø Lapland is established and run by authentic Sámi people with long reindeer herding traditions and have the longest experience of running authentic Sámi culture tours in Tromsø, being established in 2009.

What is included:

  • Scenic transfers (45 min each way)
  • Knowledgeable English and Norwegian speaking guide
  • Feeding the herd at our camp
  • Hot beverages and hot meal (traditional Sámi stew or vegetable/lentil soup)
  • Cultural introduction about Sámi history and daily life
  • A chance to see the northern lights from our camp

What to bring:

  • Camera (optional)
  • Warm clothes

Number of participants:

4-48 persons


18:00-22:30 (4,5 hours)


Very easy. Family-friendly.

Not suitable for wheel-chair as the terrain/snow will make it difficult to maneuvre around.

Pick-up time and place:

10am departure:

Meeting time and place: 09:45 (9.45am) Radisson Blu Hotel (Sjøgata 7)

Departure time: 10:00 (10am)

1pm departure:

Meeting time and place: 12:45 outside Radisson Blu Hotel

Departure-time: 13:00 (1pm)

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