Join us on an authentic Sami experience

Are you planning on a trip to breathtaking Norway? If so, we highly recommend that you accompany us on an unforgettable and authentic Sami experience in the magnificent North of Norway. Here you will meet the indigenous people of Norther Scandinavia that has been around for centuries. We are a proud culture and are happy to show visitors our authentic way of living and enjoying the fresh nature. In other words, with us you can get the full Sami experience.

Reindeers, northern lights, lavvos and amazing cuisine

Accompany us reindeer sledding under the northern lights, a perfect combination that you for sure will never forget. Or enjoy an overnight stay in one of our traditional lavvos. Taste the delicious food of the sami people and help us feed the big, furry animals we love and appreciate so much. All of this and more is available for you in Tromsø Lapland. You will leave our beautiful place with the full sami experience for sure.

If you have any questions regarding our reindeer safaris or other activities, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or phone. We are more than happy to assist you on your needs.


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