Sami Reindeer Experience

Do you enjoy going out on new adventures? Do you like to get to know different cultures? If so, we have the perfect experience for you. Bring your family and friends on an unforgettable experience in the north of Norway.

If you chose to join us on a Sami reindeer experience in Tromsø, you will not only see the breathtaking northern Norwegian nature with your own eyes, but also meet the beautiful reindeers up close and get acquainted with the mesmerizing indigenous culture.

The Sami people have a long and strong history in the north of Norway, where reindeers have always been by their side. It is the oldest form of transport and has therefore always been an important aspect of the Sami experience. In other words, a reindeer trip with us will not only give you insight to the Sami culture, but also be extremely fun and adventurous in itself.

We also offer trips where you can see the norther lights while sledding, or overnight stays in traditional lavvos. You will be able to try traditional Sami food, speak to a knowledgeable guide, and feed the beautiful reindeers yourself.

If you have any questions regarding our reindeer experiences, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or phone.


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