Sami Reindeer Spring Migration. A tour of a lifetime.

Join Sámi herders and experience the reindeers on their annual spring migration from their winter pastures on the inland further north towards the coast. This adventure is a unique privilege made available for the very few by Sámi families from Finnmark.

This trip is recommended for adventurous people that would like to do something truly unique, learn new skills and live life to the fullest. Age and gender sets no limits, however you must be in good physical shape. Much of the time will be spent in the hands of the arctic environment.

You will be taking part in the migration, meaning you will be travelling with the Sámis, like the Sámis. You will be eating and sleeping like a Sámi herder. Your participation means that you will be living close to the reindeer and experience the old nomadic life of the Sámi people. You will be sleeping in a lavvu (Sámi tent) and you will be served traditional Sámi food.

In the middle of April it is light almost 24 hours a day and there are some good opportunities for ice fishing on the numerous lakes we pass by.

The tour will start from Alta and already here we have a little infomeeting. There we provide you with suitable outerwear for the trip. We drive to inland (about 2 hours) where snowmobiles or reindeers with equipment on sleds are ready for us. When all personal equipment is packed we start the reindeersledding or snowmobiling to meet the Sámi reindeerherders. We will set up lavvos (Sámi tent) and make some traditional Sámi food. Our accommodation will also be in lavvos with sleeping bags on reindeerskins.

On this trip you will drive both snowmobiles and reindeersleds. The group members will alternate between these transportation forms on a daily basis, so you get to experience both. Snowmobile is what reindeerherders are using nowadays and reindeersledding is what reindeerherders have used in oldertimes when they were travelling.

You will be with Sámi reindeerherders 4 nights in the tent before you go back to Alta.

Group size is maximum 8 persons on this trip.

Tour is from 10.- 16. april 2017 

7 days trip
Price pr person is 29.000.-NOK


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